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Existing Web Site Woes?

Is your Web site letting you down?

There are many existing web sites on the net that do not work. Some owners of these sites know they have a problem, however there are many who don't even suspect that a problem exists.

We can perform a site inspection and usability study to determine if your site is one of these and make recommendations to fix any problems.

A bad web site may be worse than no web site at all.

Some problem areas include:

  • Site objectives are not being met.
  • Layout is poor or out-of-date.
  • Site navigation is inappropriate, unclear or difficult to use
  • Download time is excessive.
  • Site is not maintained.
  • Overall site design does not meet business needs

Web Site Audit

We can perform an audit of your site to determine it's effectiveness and pinpoint any weaknesses. Based on this we can then make recommendations for change. The audit and report include the following

  • A detailed questionnaire filled in by you and/or other members of your company
  • Examination of the site, all coding, web logs, host service etc by at least two experienced web developers
  • A usability study using at least 5 web users of varied expertise
  • A full and detailed report of the current state of your site
  • Fully costed recommendations for improvement

This service is available whether or not you use, or intend to use, our design or hosting services.

Prices for the Site Report start at $100 and depend on the size and complexity of the site. Please contact us for a discussion about your site and a detailed quotation.