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Common Web Questions

Do I need a Web Site?       See top 10 List below...

The answer is almost certainly yes, if you are in any kind of business or run any sort of club or voluntary organisation you can only benefit from having a presence on the web. Increasingly people expect to be able to find out about you, about your products and services or your activities from the comfort of a chair in their own homes and at any time they choose. In a few years this question will seem redundant - like somebody asking do they need a telephone!

What is a Domain name?

A domain name is your unique identity on the web - it commonly takes the format of www.yourcompany.com or www.yourorganisation.ie. To acquire your own domain name just two steps are required

  • Think of a name: If you are lucky your business name may still be available, if not a variation of the name which is easy to remember can usually be found.
  • Register your name: with either the USA domain register for a .com name or the Irish registry for a .ie name, or both.


What is meant by hosting a web site?

Your web site must be on a server - a computer which is connected to the internet 24 hours a day - so that people can reach it. The companies who provide space on such servers are called hosts, and they make their money by charging for space on their servers. 

There are a great range of host companies to choose from with varying facilities, capabilities and rates. For information about our hosting service see here, but you should shop around before choosing a host.

Can I update my own web site?

You can do anything your like with your own web site! 

We will be happy to teach you about updating your site. In addition we can add elements to your site that automatically update it or simplify updating and all our packages include some means of updating at least those parts of the site that will change frequently. 

Can I use MS FrontPage to update my site?

We offer  FrontPage server extensions to all customers. Simply select 'Yes' for FrontPage on the Order Form, and you're ready to go!

If you have a site with us already and want to begin using FrontPage for the first time, you can install the FrontPage extensions at any time by using your site's control panel. You can also reinstall or uninstall the extensions yourself from the control panel.

We can, if you wish, design a site for you using FrontPage leaving you free to use the programme to update and maintain the site yourself.

For more information about FrontPage go here.

Do I have to update my site myself?
No,  But we can design the site to include some inbuilt means for you to update at least part of your site yourself. However we do offer several maintenance contracts for those who do not wish to carry out their own updates. 
What is meant by POP accounts?

If you have networked computers in your company you may wish to have email delivered to individual mail boxes - e.g. joeblow@yourcompany.com or sales@yourcompany.com

To do this you will need to have a hosting account with multiple POP accounts - all our Hosting Plans and Packages include unlimited POP accounts at no extra charge and you will have the ability to set up unlimited e mail aliases. 


Do I Need Unix or NT Hosting?
If you do not have the specific needs listed in the "Pros" section below, then there is no advantage to being NT hosted.

Pros of NT Hosted Sites:

1. The ability to use ASP pages.
2. The ability to do ODBC connectivity to MS Access and Foxpro databases.

3. File and directory names are not case sensitive.

Cons of NT Hosted Sites:

1. Most cgi/perl scripts will probably not work "as is" on NT servers without having to make several changes to them. This includes the free shopping cart/e-store we provide. We do however have ActivePerl 5.0 installed on the NT server and is available for your use if you wish to migrate any Unix cgi/perl scripts to work on NT. See this page for more details on cgi/perl scripts on NT hosted sites.
2. The NT control panel is not as full featured as the Unix Hosted version.
3. Site Logs need to be download from the /logs directory of the web site and viewed with a PC based log viewer. 

4. NT hosted sites can take a little longer to set up on our servers once the online order has been submitted. This is also the reason for the additional one time NT hosting Additional Setup Fee.

          Top 10  Reasons to have a Web Site:

  1. Online marketing: Simply having a Web site will not achieve your business goals. If your Web site is designed and marketed properly, people will find and visit your Web site instead of your competitors. More than 85% of Web surfers use search engines to find what they are looking for on the Web. A professional Web designer can do this for you - an amateur may not know how, or may not consider it important.
  2. Save time: You and your customers save time and money when compared to Fax, telephone, and postal mail. People can access information and communicate with you any time of day or night. Busy people prefer the time flexibility to deal with email communication. No more voice mail, "telephone tag", huge phone bills or waiting!
  3. Customer service: Your customers can find out basic information about your business without having to phone. Instead, you will hear from people who are already interesting in doing business with you. It saves time for you, your customers and suppliers.
  4. New business: Busy people are searching for products and services online rather than using traditional means. Internet users are doubling every 18 months; content has doubled every 12 months; E-commerce has doubled every 6 months; bandwidth has doubled every 4 months. February 2000 marked the first survey by Zona Research showing more people in the U.S.A. using the Internet than don't - 90 million American adults are Internet users; 85.3 million are not. Women will soon make up half the people on the Web.
  5. Communicating: Modern businesses know that Web based information and online communication is imperative to their daily activities with customers and suppliers. Futurists predict that companies not on the Web will disappear.
  6. Affordable: Anyone can now afford a Web site. With a professional designed Web site, no one knows or cares if you are small or large, only if you sell what they want at a competitive price. Companies with a Web site and E-mail address can attract people they could never hope to reach before.
  7. Save money: You can provide more information about your products or services, and update information quickly and easily - at considerable cost saving over printed brochures.
  8. Online sales: Customers can order online, use query forms, or do credit transactions, depending on the service level provided by your Internet provider and Web designer.
  9. Develop traffic to your business: An entry level Web site that mirrors existing brochures may bring low rewards. If you provide related value-added information of interest to your audience, it will bring people back again. Bookmarks from related business sites will increase traffic to your Web site.
  10. Modern business: A Web site on your business cards, advertising and printed material tells the world that you are a modern company in touch with the latest technologies.


What is FrontPage?

FrontPage is comprehensive site creation & management software with many useful features. 

The FrontPage Editor makes it possible for novices to create and/or maintain web pages using the graphical WYSIWYG interface (it isn't necessary to know HTML!).

FrontPage provides many features that take the difficulty out of managing a web site, such as automatically updating hyperlinks when file names or paths change, easy publishing and a familiar Microsoft appearance. You can also use FrontPage to integrate an Access database into your site, creating a dynamic, database driven, site.

How Can We Help You to Use FrontPage?

All of our hosting plans include free FrontPage extensions, enabling you to make use of all the package features. Our extensions are installed and maintained on the servers by experienced technicians and are very stable. You also have the facility to remove, install or repair the extensions yourself from your site control panel.

More About FrontPage

An excellent help site for those who use FrontPage in any capacity.

Microsoft's FrontPage site.


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